Crafting a workplace for the future

Crafting a workplace for the future

Lemay’s Montreal office hosts some 350 professionals and is an experimental laboratory for innovations in sustainability and workplace design.

It was already a socially and environmentally responsible gesture to plant itself at the heart of Montreal’s South-West borough, an up-and-coming neighbourhood also home to the firm’s own humble beginnings.  But instead of designing a new building, Lemay chose to transform a neglected 1950s-era warehouse into offices for its growing transdisciplinary team. It seized the opportunity to design a unique work environment for testing out new concepts and approaches in support of the design excellence and sustainable development leadership Lemay offers its clients.

Greenery permeates the indoor space year-round: a living green wall, climbing plant modules and a green room improve indoor air quality and balance humidity, while promoting a vital natural connection and fostering well-being. All office areas have access to daylight and views, reducing the need for artificial lighting.

The Phenix boasts a rare (maximum) 3-star Fitwel rating, as well as Zero Carbon Building Standard and is aiming for LEED-Platinum certification  – Performance and Living Building Challenge – Petal Certification.

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Awards and mentions

Green Building Excellence Award - New Construction
Canada Green Building Council
Eureka! d’un Québec vert et prospère: Green building and construction
Écotech Québec
Stephen R. Kellert Biophilic Design Award - Interior/Renovation
Living Future Institute