Heritage on high

Heritage on high

Place Vauquelin reaffirms itself as a distinguished destination in the heart of Montreal’s old administrative district, symbolizing the exercise of power. Its makeover by Lemay is timed to coincide with the 375th anniversary of the city. The redesign reinforces the singular status of the Canadian metropolis, marked by a contemporary flair that takes root in the past.  With a rich heritage imprint, Place Vauquelin is a privileged sanctuary for the collective memory.

Photo credits: Adrien Williams and Frederique Menard Aubin, courtesy: City of Montreal

Awards and mentions

Award Recipients
Tucker Design Award
Winner in Landscape Architecture: Public
The Architecture MasterPrize™
Award in Landspace Architecture: Public Project
Grands Prix du Design
Medal Recipient in Civic Design Projects
National Urban Design Awards (RAIC)

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