• November 9, 2020

Lemay is proud to sponsor the 20/20 Wavelength Project at cSPACE, an arts hub and incubator in Calgary. The exhibition is a participatory art project that in August and September invited artists and members from the community to submit responses to the question “What Matters Now.”

The exhibition opened in conjunction with Alberta Culture Days and saw three gallery spaces showcase the artful mixed-media and performance-based responses. In November, multidisciplinary artist Andy Moro will reimagine and transplant the works to cSPACE’s iconic Art Cubes to create large, light-filled artworks on the front lawn. The lantern-like forms will shine a light on the present moment, literally and figuratively, and inspire the community through the long winter nights ahead.

At Lemay, we’re community-focussed through and through and our purpose is to create spaces for growth for all. Working together to develop creative solutions that can empathetically adapt to new realities is at the core of what we do. Our design and research is driven by a relentless passion to contribute to important conversations and we take seriously the responsibility we have to design environments that have meaningful impact and foster community and collaboration for decades to come.

Like cSPACE, we create space for artful expression. Through our work, we shape environments, behaviours and more. We look for a deeper sense of beauty and meaning in everything we do; and now more than ever, we need to do this together.

Visit cSPACE King Edward for more information or follow them on Instagram and Facebook at @cspacekingedward and Twitter at @cspaceprojects.

(photo courtesy of Katy Whitt Photography)